Welcome to Madikulas

A perfect place for a sweet treat whenever in the neighbourhood is Madikulas Sweets & Ice Cream Parlour at Brahmavara, Udupi.

Sweets & condiments

Ice creams

Gift boxes

Range of Desserts

  • Ghee Sweets

    Mysore pak, Burfy, Kushmand halwa, Rava laddu, Kaju roll
  • Milk Sweets

    Doodh peda, Agra peda, Dharwad peda, Badam roll, Boondhi ladu
  • Bengali Sweets

    Rasgulla, Rasmalai, Sandwich, Rospuri, Champakali, Dry jamoon
  • Baby showering ceremony items

    Chakkuli, Athrasa, Karjikayi, Badampuri, Suruli puri, Satu, Hoodalu unde
  • Condiments

    Mixture, Boondi, Bennemurk, Sheve, Chips..

Ice Creams

Extensive range of ice-cold delights in a myriad of flavours to choose from.

Fresh & Hygienic!

All of our products are made with fresh and hygienic ingredients including shuddh desi ghee.

What they say

"It's hard to find a sweet that both looks Beautiful and tastes delicious."

Mr Rathnakar Rao

Pharmacist, Bangalore.

"The dessart was such a big hit! Everyone loved it so much. My daughter (the bride) said, "Mmm... Madikulas are the best!" Thank you again!"

Mrs. Roopa kanetkar

Home Maker, Bangalore